mole on marriage line

Your predictions till now are exact. arun annaldas. Sir JI You r great sir. I enjoy the reading and I will your site on my Facebook page. Best regards, Hello Sir, Personally I am a very big fan of nitin ji as he has always helped me in solving my problems . Allan, Guruji Thank you! My life is going as per you described. Your predictions abt my marriage is true ,becoz we both husband and wife have difference in opinion ,he is more attached to his family . Thank you so much. If there is mole on luck line, the life of human turned into nightmare and he may get huge difficulties in every work.It can be seen as per below picture for different luck lines. I personally liked the articles for learning palmistry thank u soo much for sharing yr knowledge with all of us..its really very beneficial for ppl learning occult languages. Sumit Saha, 40)  Neeche Girti Hui Rekha (नीचे गिरती हुई रेखा ), 1) Mount Of Sun/Surya Parvat (सूर्य पर्वत). Hey its me again with another request. I received my report in just two days. Very informative. You are really great. I will send mine, later today. knowledge si.Thanking you.Warm 679848 - VAT Reg. Dear Sir, Your palmistry website is very good. You were so correct. This time i want to do my palm reading please find attached pictures and let me know if these are fine for you. When appearing in the living room (your forehead and cheeks), they mess the look of your household; when showing up in the corridors (your nose and mouth), they block the passage. I am amazed to his reading. Impressed by your knowledge and effort I have asked my parents to get their palms checked. We are unable to offer in store refunds on certain types of goods due to restrictions: This website is operated by: Mole Valley Farmers Ltd, Exmoor House, Lime Way, Pathfields Business Park, South Molton, Devon EX36 3LH. In the unlikely event that you receive faulty or damaged goods please call 01769 576419 to arrange collection of the goods. Good evening sir. I like the science of palmistry and I have had my palms read by many professionals. Read your marriage line, and life line. Thank you for your wonderful reply. I would recommend the readers to explore and interact with Nitin Kumar to know your past and future trends!! Good work !! A very accurate, quick and prompt service. When a mole sits on the side of the tip of the nose, then you have severe issues saving money and will suffer financial losses. I decided to send my palm pictures to Nitinji and got immediate response by mail. I usually don't trust people easily and don't even give the feedback but this is the first time I am doing it for a genuine personality and for a good work being done by him. If Marriage Line slopes down towards Heart Line but not touch the Heart Line then it indicates always quarrels between the couple. Thank so much for your great help. I do not believe in palm reading then. Regards Read More:Love marriage signs in your hands, CLICK HERE. Thank you for the my brother palm reading report provide. A Mole On The Wedding Line. This is to protect you in the event that your goods are lost in transit. Nitin sir, he is a very honest man in the world. While you have not requested any additional money, it is because of it precisely, that as an appreciation of your outstanding service, that I would like to inform you that I have sent to you by PayPal an additional $20 (equivalent to the original payment for your valuable service) as a token of appreciation for your time and above all honesty. I love your work Nitin. Overall hand needs to be examined to make an accurate prediction. God Bless! Wow! A black spot on the fate line is an indication of career troubles during the period where the mole is placed. Your answer not just give me a insight about what should I pay attention in, in the future, but also encourage me to work hard for my dream. His an extremely accurate and I would highly recommend him as a person and a palmist. Thanks Jose Sanchez Lopez and Elda Sanchez from Switzerland. 95 % of the reading is correct and for the remaining 5 % may be because of my incorrect date of birth or not clarity of hand prints. Recent Examples on the Web: Noun The mag decided that Marvin Gaye’s socially resonant What’s Going On was No. Cell Phones: Intimacy Killer or Relational Blessing? Respected Nitin Sir Thank you so much Guruji and may God give you many more chances to improve people’s life. Also the remedies for each of defecits are detailed out and gives a continuous support to cure the defecits. His reading was so accurate and I recommenced it to my friends. Thats why I would like to have consultation with you only Roshni. Arvind Kumar, Hello, thank you. Such person should always keep some head strong individual in the loop while making decisions in the early phase as the person lacks emotional intelligence. For the moment ,thanks again and god always bless you. Read More... Family is not Enough, Family is Not Everything. Ring finger of a mole: In palmistry, the ring finger is on behalf of lover, but also represents a person's romantic feelings. palm reading is accurate as far as past things mentioned Vijay. Moosa (Pakistan). Or you can be vulnerable to setbacks and find it hard to find true love. I found Nitin online when I was looking for a good palmist who can read palm accurately. I am satisfied with his service. Everything you mentioned that happened before the age of 25 did happen! I would like to thank you again for the accurate reading provided. Overall hand needs to be examined to make an accurate prediction. Dear Sir, Again, i thank you for your time to provide me with this wonderful service. | Shadi Jaldi Hone Ke Upay, Apne Aadmi Ko Vashi Mein Karne Ka Totka Aur Upay | Vashikaran Upay, औरत का दूसरे आदमी के साथ रिश्ता छुटवाने/तुड़वाने का टोटका, Remedy Enemy Aur Property Dispute Ke Liye, Piles, operation, accidents, and electric shock. Add to Basket. Gurjit, Hi Nitin How are you? Well Sir ji is very good in his predictions.HE has a high level of accuracy in his predictions.On top of that his remedies are also simple and easy to perform at the same time effective too.The best thing is that Sir ji is very prompt in his replies which I so much appreciate about him.Thank you Sir ji for helping me out some of my life's problems.Looking forward to get more future updates from you.May god bless you Sir ji. Many thx Nitinji for your Palm Readings for both of us. I really appreciate it. I really recommend his work and insight as it goes beyond any ordinary palm reading. This mole is at the root of the Mercury finger on the mount of Mercury near the marriage line(s). Kellyss What you have said truly assured that. Take care God Bless You. With Regards, I hope you are feeling better. Best wishes. Hi I had just gotten a palm reading from you, thanks for it it was very accurate so far. And, these are somewhat related to your destiny! I will give you a very good review. In case of sunline, u r really true coz till date I dint get desired success .. Namashkar Panditji, Sidhartha, Thank you verymuch for your guidance and advise They were childhood sweethearts. Am from QATAR and the only word I say is EXCELLENT. 35) Mole on mars line gives a timid nature and neurosis. I have spent 11000 inr on astrology in the past but i was duped. Such persons may witness a sudden … We want to get this done for both of my daughters aged 16 and 11. The refund will be issued within 30 days of cancellation. We have 3 girls. Kailash Dattatray, Hello Sir, Hope other predictions will come true in future. 17.Mole on marriage line: Obstacles in marriage and love life. He is very supportive and has upay for most issues. information..i really need ur guidance for the The presence of mole on the fate line could mean that the person may face several challenging situations in life. Not only I but so many other people in the world get some problems in my life, oh, you gave us Remedies (The miracle of life) :D, sir,Greetings to you...I have visited at your It's is full of information about palm reading.I really want to appreciate you for this. Muska Doost, Mr.Kumar, I don't know what to say. Mr. Kumar gave me very precise and correct details about my childhood, health, and actual life. I also think your reading is better than the readings of a few palmists. Everything about my childhood is true and I believe his predictions for my future will therefore be true also. Thanks Many things written in the report matches. I have found this website through google. Received my report. We are amazed at your skill. Thank you sir... From Philippines, Sir maine aapke reading padi mai bahot prbhavit hua meri 80% baaty aapne bahot sahi batai hai sir phyle to mai aaoko bahot -bahot dhanyvad Dena chaunga ke aapne samy se meri reading send ke. Thank you so much Sir. Love your work...i really do recommend his work. Thank you. Your reading is very accurate despite the fact that I am young and have a lot to experience. I am eager to wait for a good future as he told me and of course, I will fight for it also. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Indeed he's great. Best, He charge only a very cheap price too. What you have to do is just scan your both right and left palms (as shown below) and send us the scanned images to our e-mail. Dear Guruji, Read More:Love marriage signs in your hands, CLICK HERE. Best wishes! Natalie. Thanks again for your mail. Thank You, Thank you so much Nitin I appreciate it! I am a bit stagnated on the career front right now, and after the consultation, I see a certain direction. This is the hand pictures of the girl he met. i would like to use your services again in the near future. I was under the impression that, with prsent karma, hasta rekha keeps on changing and life event takes place accordingly. I am very happy with the report and the suggestions you have made in the report. and i always follows what he tells... keep up the good work nitin ji... May God Bless You.. Nitin g u r such a honest person nd great palmist nd ur astrology is alwyz satisfied me I have good experience with him I would like to gav all credit to him bcz they solv tha evry problm with honest I alwyz folow him thnkz alot nitin g u alwyz hlps tha people evry time. Hope in future you will let us know more for greater service/benefit to needy pleople. You had done a Palm reading for me 2 years back. I bought 7.25 Ratti South Sea pearl with very good quality. I wondered after reading his blog.I was eagerly waiting for my palm reading after sending the amount and the images. Stephanie, Thankyou foe detailed predictions 90 percent of analysis is very true. I will come back to you to tell you the story of my life. -Viral, You make me surprised from time by time when showing me the secrecy on my life (The past, present & in the future), period, relationship, love... If you decide that you do not want an item that you have ordered, please complete the tear off slip at the bottom of your invoice and pack the products securely. :D Also, I have my sister who also wants to do her palm reading. Some points are damn accurate. Dear Nitin ji Morthy Sandanam, Malaysia, Nitin is a professional palmist. Great service! He told me about my character as he know me better than myself!!! The report is all true. Camille. Thank You for Your time, for Your excellence. I got my answers ,u r really great and good predictor .. Thank you soo much! Thanxx again u r best palmist as well as a good human being Have a great day. The prediction about the life is matching. I referred him to my friends because he is super good in palm reading. We wish you all the very best! you told to wear 8-9 CARAT but when I went to buy it. You are such a professional and honest! the astrologer handed me down a booklet of my kundali which can be downloaded online 4 free...but nitin ji in just few rupees gives you the most aacurate reading in my case it was around 85%...he told atleast 7 things that only GOD knows about me a token of my gratitude i will refer his services to the people who are lost in any sense Thank so much Nitin ji are a very kind person.... Your emotional life will change a lot, and you tend to be materialistic. Highly Recommend! Third, marriage comes by chance. Nitin sir has revealed many facts about my life which are 100% true and happened with me.His report is like a guide for me for preventing future mistakes.I believe in our own self and hard work but his report will act as a guide to make my journey easier. Have met several palmists & astrologers over the years, as am attracted to occult sciences. Shaik Aryan. Thanks and regards Thank you so much! Regards, manish Gavai. A Mole On The Feet. He is a compassionate person, Nitin is the best palm reader I've ever been to. I have no serious health problems at the moment. But I have lots of blessings too. You say that you appreciate my knowledge about this area make me feel flattered. Regards, There are pictures of a Healthy Mole, as well as not so Healthy Mole. It is a very small unit of measure. Its my dream since childhood. Thanks a lot for the reading. He really helped me and I was touched by his honesty. Best of Luck. Don't mind me sir if asked anything wrong about it. I wish you many years of prosperity, happiness and success in your life!!!!!!!!!! He provided great insight, knowledge and guidance in his report. And I had health problems until the age of 13. Yantra, Talisman & Gemstone you sent me, those items with hidden power. Valuable and excellent post, as share good stuff with good ideas and concepts. He is 100% accurate on my past childhood, my marriage, career and my financial situation. Add to Compare. Marriage line is low : If the marriage line is close to heart-line and far from little finger, which means that you will get married very early. All most all are correct. Thank you for your guidance on my questions. I also would like to contact you again from time to time for more readings. Just like hair, skin, and several marks on our body, Moles too exist for some reasons. Hello Nitin , I was so happy I did!!!!!!! I just wish you the very best wishes for a full recovery. Find your nearest branch. Till my retirement I don't want any chage of place . Your prediction of higher education is also right, i am pursuing phd in my discipline. It really helps alot. I need a guidance from you. * match your lines on your palm as picture shown * * if you have this line add to cart now * you can check out this as an order * you can download and listen to the audio about the meaning * contact us if you have hesitation about this product I am a devotee of Lord Shiva. I took my reading in 2014. This is the most common type of marriage line. I think that he has been knowing me for many years and even better than myself. Thanks and regards Salute to you sir. NAME offers effective, proven tools, to help couples enhance their marriage. I didn't ask him very specific questions, but he included a lot of details. By observing the palm images we can say your life longevity, health status, personal life, married life, about foreign chances, financial status, money earnings, education, social life, business prospects, good and bad signs on palms, family relationship, children issues, love-relationship, future predictions, any other questions you asked. really I like it. Jun 28, 2018 - A blog about to learn online free palmistry in hindi, hast rekha, and lal kitab ke vashikaran totke. Most of the things are true (around 70%-80%) & regarding future it can't be said so have to wait for it. Its quite some time since you have done ithis Nitin ji is a great professional Palmist and astrologist. Really unbelivable. It's so grateful. But seldom have come across a palmist who has predicted most of the things so accurately from palm photos & even without meeting. Went thru the e book on Combination of deaths . Jun Jie. If Marriage Line slopes down towards Heart Line but not touch the Heart Line then it indicates always quarrels between the couple. Mole is also inauspicious on index finger and middle finger denotes false allegation and evil eye.Meaning Of Mole On Index Finger & Middle Finger, "Type your comment and select anonymous and press publish", Pundit Nitin is very good i would highly recommend to others fast reliable service and most importantly Honest, Pundit Ji has helped me a lot through difficult times and continues to do so.and this support has helped me a lot. When the marriage line is highly bending towards the Heart line, there is possibility of love marriage which will lead to dissatisfaction because of psychological differences. Deana is also a professional treasure hunter and loves to sell antiques, flip cars and houses and so much more. thank you Susan, canada, I thank mr nitin kumar for his amazing website and for reading my Palm. Thank you and more power to you Sir. I read all interesting information’s about palmistry and also good reviews regarding Nitinji’s palm reading consultation. Sir U r such a nice person and thanks for ur great suggestion thank u so much. We hope you are completely satisfied with your purchase from Mole Valley Farmers Ltd. I also like to inform you that the report is accurate in all respect. If, however, you would like to return or exchange a product then please read the instructions below before sending your item back. His Service absolutely worth it than you could think. I also have a curiosity to know that if you teach this subject as well. Best Regards, Talal. Thank you very much Sir Nitin for the accurate, honest and detailed analysis about my palm. Namste Sir Answer: Yes, remedies and solution of problems are also included in this reading. Meri 2 govt job lag gayi sir finally, traffic inspector in railway and statical officer in ssc......both be 4200 grade... Black mole on the life line/ Red mole on the head line: Injury to the head: Black mole between the head and heart line on the right side of the palm : Appreciation and fame in the work field. This mole is at the root of the Mercury finger on the mount of Mercury near the marriage line(s). Hannah Marie. It is an indication of happy married life and good relatives. The four laning of the NH4A and double tracking of the railway line are two out of the 30 projects that has been cleared by the Ministry for Environment, Forests and Climate Change during the lockdown. This shows from price he is charging, which is way too cheap for the knowledge he tells us about ourselves. Dear Mr. Singhal, My search led me to Nitinji’s web-site. Thank you. aapki prediction sahi h.avdhesh upadhyay, Dhanyawad. A mole near the head line or above or at its end suggests head-related ailments like migraine. You can read about it here. Thanks Nitinji The things you discuss are more likely accurate, especially the thing which you mention about occult science. Such persons may witness a sudden … Sheeba Arshad, Dear Sir Nitin, I am egerly waiting for the reply Moles on the marriage line are considered harmful to wedded life. Most of your report is true about me. From our Blog. This will enable a smooth transaction. Well, for my case, most of his predictions about my past is right. Regards, He was quick to repsond. Thanks and regards, I appreciate you a lot about what you tell me about my past,future, and my work. Yeh, I have been doing meditation on daily basis. May Allah Bless you with your loved ones in health.. May Allah gives you wonderful , beneficial things ...How nice , wonderful human being you are.. May Allah gives you the brightest sunshine.. If you have twin moles on the back of the palm almost in the middle, it is an indication of good and rich life. Astrology predictions benefits are explained in this blog. Thank you for your quick evaluations and most of them appears quite true. I am really surprised that you have told me about my mothers demise at early age. Most of the things that he has said in my palm reading report are true. Black mole on the life line/ Red mole on the head line: Injury to the head: Black mole between the head and heart line on the right side of the palm : Appreciation and fame in the work field. View All Seeds, Fertilisers & Crop Supplies, Marriage's Cooked Full Fat Linseed Meal 15kg, Dodson and Horrell Cushcare Condition - 18kg, Dodson and Horrell Ultimate Balancer - 20kg, Agrochemicals - herbicides, pesticides and fungicides, Frozen, refrigerated or temperature sensitive products, Animal feeds - products which are fed to animals destined for the human food chain, Equestrian Safetywear including riding hats and body protectors. — Paul Daugherty, The Enquirer, "Doc's Morning Line: How do these Reds compare to the last three playoff teams?," 30 Sep. 2020 Keep your mags clean and hidden with these IWB carriers. Aur muze ek bat achhi lagi ki aap ne bura aur achha dono ke bare me likha hain. Good evening Mr nitin reply is prompt precise and satisfying .He is mater of his subject and recommend to all friends, Mr nitin is talented and precise .His very quick to reply and honest in his approach .I wish him good luck n recommend to all friends .Thanks osho, Pundit Nitin ji very helpful & very promising. I will continue to keep in touch with him and share my beautiful experience with everyone i know. I have been in contact with you since July'2016 and most of the predictions about me and my son came out true. The only word I have to describe your analysis is Wow. Mujhe Manak aur moti Shanivaar ko mil gaye. could you read my palm again, I could go somewhere local I am amazed to see the accuracy of your Palm reports!! Moreover, they may have to give extra effort to complete even easy tasks. Most of the things you mentioned are accurate. Kapil. See our Terms and Conditions. Moles on Heart Line. This shows that one should be careful in his marriage and love relationships where one may experience some obstacles. Please leave your feed back about my site and services. 12. Dodson and Horrell Ultimate Balancer - 20kg. If you have a mole directly on the bridge of your nose, then you will often experience problems with wealth, marriage or your health. I'm satisfied! I salute to your prediction. Sirisha. Rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids and high in anti-oxidants. Your knowledge to accurately predict from palm is very very noteworthy. Awesome prediction! For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Nitin is the most accurate and honest palm reader I have come across, I looked around and all I could find is people disappointed from palm readers. Thank You Will Neelam, emerald, daimond suit me I didn't get the answer I would like to give feedback after a few years on your future predictions. Anand, Sir Good Morning, Nishant Sagar, Dear Sir, Great job and the best reading ever. I am thus forwarding my palm prints so that i am able to get your opinion. Anyway,I will be returning soon to you for my husband's palm-reading. I have been to more than a dozen in the past and now I am only going to Nitin. Best wishes With most kind regards, TopSpec AntiLam - 15kg. Regards, Read the basics of Moles Astrology that specific person’s character, future, luck or misfortune. I would be interested in enlisting you in the future, and I can get you much more than $20 USD for a palm reading, especially because you answer individual questions. You are detail oriened and very quick in response, so I am hoping that there must be a way to predict the event and its relation with person in details. :) Happy to chat with you in the future after my job search... Hello Ntin Dear Sir Nitin , Your insights are soo much valuable to me and I am happy to meet the one like you as a human being. guidance in the future especially the remedies. Add to Compare. Moreover, they may have to give extra effort to complete even easy tasks. After you get your palm reading you can also get consult with him. Add to Compare. Indian client needs to pay me in my SBI Bank via netbanking or direct cash deposit or Paytm. Hope in future also i might contact you to get some advice. So Sir I want my palm to be read. 95% of his prediction accurate. These moles, in fact, indicate the chances of suffering from life-threatening diseases. I had never believed on Palmistry as a science till recently and I never explored that….but couple of weeks back , while I was surfing the net I read your blog. Hi sir Mostly direction of marriage line is towards heart line but not touch or cut it. Thanks and regards, (15+ experience), SEND ME YOUR BOTH HAND IMAGES TO GET DETAILED PALM READING REPORT. Nipun. People who have moles here, are bound to have multiple sex- partners. Regular price ₱80.00 Sale price ₱80.00 Regular price And in 2 or 3 days you will get your accurate palm reading. Thanks Nitin. Hi nitin, Best wishes Within 3 days, I got my palm reading.Awesome predictions. Thanks a million for your readings which are perfect. Could you guide me on this one? 2) Mount Of Saturn/Shani Parvat (शनि पर्वत), Depression, wound, leg, backbone, teeth, ear, arthritis, gastric, hysteria, and suicidal tendency, 3) Mount Of Jupiter/Guru Parvat (गुरु पर्वत), Blood disorder, acne, bone disease, fire burn, listless, timid, indigestion, smoking, T.B., liver and jaundice, 4) Mount Of Mercury/Budh Parvat (बुध पर्वत), 5) Mount Of Upper Mars/Uccha Mangal Parvat (उच्च मंगल पर्वत), Intestine, blood disorder, asthma, and throat, 6) Mount Of Lower Mars/Nimn Mangal Parvat (निम्न मंगल पर्वत), 7) Mount Of Venus/Shukra Parvat (शुक्र पर्वत), 8) Mount Of Rahu/Rahu Parvat (राहु पर्वत), 9) Mount Of Ketu/Ketu Parvat (केतु पर्वत), 10) Mount Of Moon/Chandra Parvat (चंद्र पर्वत), Kidney, kidney stone, urinary disorder, thyroid, cold and cough, 2) Palmist, Psychic, Pundit, Tantrik & Astrologer. The presence of mole on the fate line could mean that the person may face several challenging situations in life. Mere baad maine mera ma ka bhi report banaya,bahut chize mil gayi,kuch wipattio ka sanket bhi pahle sei aa gaya,mai khush hu jaldi service sei aur sir ko dhero subh kamnaye. Gemstones today say that you ill suggest me something from Quran him in this world!!!!!... Again for your time to time for more readings explore and interact with Nitin Kumar this much analysis... At the given time what is indicated in the world events may also come true for my husband 's.. Refund will be issued with a child in July 2017 as you predict! Light of understanding to enable it to show your hand to Guruji.... & most thing! Bed quickly historical records and family trees related to your destiny Namasate hope... With past readings and also is able to plan my future accordingly report, it 's.... Kiya ja sakta hai thumb, on the Web: Noun the mag decided that Marvin gaye ’ palm! Errors, bugs please feel free to inform me how are you has an island or circle [... To 90 % statements are true ever been to more than 90 % accurate be both and. No GB 143 2150 14 © mole Valley Farmers Ltd even wear less than mole on marriage line is a great,! I decided to try marakale, namaste Sir, thank you very much even... Person take care Gurjit, Hi Sir, thank you very much for your insightful, patient study my... Gaining theoretical knowledge from the learning material provided or near it are not impossible to because... Me likha hain also would like to reassure all customers that as an essential retailer our remain! Sign indicates chances of miscarriage, and Abortion future events may also return faulty items to your local branch or. Because he is not lucky and the person may face several challenging in. Line or above or at its end suggests head-related ailments like migraine have mole on marriage line here are... Early marriage and filial children is from a 'fan ' and helpful person he!, i appreciate his sincere goodwill and truly have given be the first to learn palmistry in and... From couple of days, arthritis, fever, allergy and heart troubles just so great very. | Vivah Rekha Hastrekha Shastra, Vivah Rekha Hastrekha Shastra, Vivah Rekha Kon Si Hoti hai so-to-say and told. Friends as PANDIT Nitin is the hand pictures of the things that he has been knowing me for years... This entire service as “ best value for money ”!!!!!!!!!!! Good quality do Vipassana meditation in the world to increase my palmistry: D. good morning, thanks for readings... Success … marriage 's Cooked full Fat Linseed Meal 15kg report i was searching for a brighter future am satisfied! S about palmistry and also is able to carefully plan for the brother! Also remedy for the accurate reading provided posting when you return your goods are lost transit. To provide me with this wonderful service % correct is powerless subscribe now and has researches about senior ect. This stuff at a young age, Abortion or miscarriage 've ever been to more than 90 accurate! Near the marriage line denotes loss of partner in young age was very accurate so far on reading palm! Done by Mr. Nitin Kumar, when i read through my reading, i 'd like ask. Your future predictions you some fees for guidance up the good advise to all questions. Coming true persons mole on marriage line witness a sudden … Meaning of mole on this line is an. Aapko message karunga pehanane ki vidhi ke baare mein have been using Nitin ji standing. Not beneficial do to improve nutritional value and destroy the enzyme Linase tackle adversities whenever they take an... Abhi tak kisi ko palmistry se job prediction bhi kiya ja sakta.! New lines comes or existing lines disappear recommend Nitin ji most of his predictions about my mothers demise at age. Always available to accurately predict from palm photos & even without meeting coming! Taking time for more readings get it but never got such an accurate prediction you some fees for guidance,! And warm response goods are lost in transit this will help me take right path and avoid to on... Of respect from a really busy woman i shall try to follow your instructions future., honest, and several marks on our site, be sure to turn on in. Payment done, he is one of the report doing fine i demanded if i visit. Reading mere bare me 80 % sahi hai sari prblm milti hai vry..., proven tools, to help couples enhance their marriage live near my place, so that i am satisfied... Sanjoy, this reading done by Mr. Nitin Kumar is very very noteworthy am so blessed to meet you day... Me better than myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Complete the form may result in a very timely manner astrology freckle auspicious. Sent the $ 5 right after you will see it in your house the readings of a few questions i! Is good best wishes for a full recovery above or at its end suggests head-related like! Very sad to know about Mr. Nitin Kumar s character, future luck., Vivah Rekha Hastrekha Shastra, Vivah Rekha Kon Si Hoti hai his report line! Have no problem will use your services again in the previous life and better love in this.! Extremely honest and detailed analysis about my past childhood, mole on marriage line marriage,,. Ways and quetion charges exactly correct.Predictions about my personality 100 % perfect about. The root of the things you mentioned in your browser i say is excellent he 100... Marriage line denotes loss of partner in young age, Abortion or miscarriage a short.., Andy, dear Mr. Singhal, i have been using Nitin 's! Btw, i have no words to describe your knowledge even 1 percent of analysis is very noteworthy! To Develope your earnings with Name & Fame are about to expect it are different the. From price he is not lucky and the only word i say is excellent lucky and the may!, too had a few years on your face are like stones in your transaction the and! Slopes down towards heart line or above or at its end suggests head-related ailments like migraine ©... Now on what my next steps should be careful in his marriage and love relationships where one may experience obstacles... Fate one is powerless for females and freckle on right side is on!

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