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Characters, voice actors, producers and directors from the anime Overlord III on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest anime database. His salary earnings were meager, but he still lived above the poverty line. He has a red cape on his back with two large swords. Gustav speaks up, saying they have nothing right now and it will take time for them to recover and prepare a reward in return. Based on Riku's connections to platinum, Ainz ponders to the Guardians whether he is trying to fool them into believing that he is the Platinum Dragon Lord or one of the Thirteen Heroes so that they will go to war against them or not. [44], Later, in the spring, E-Rantel and its surrounding area become part of the Sorcerer Kingdom. Thus, Ainz briefs them with his main attention from their last meeting, reiterating the fact that he will employ an entity equal to Momon's caliber. Ainz then tells the envoys that it's the Holy Kingdom's problem to deal with in swaying the citizens to let go of their hatred or else. Seeing the beast, Ainz orders the group to run while he disposes of the creature. In addition, it is his intention to test out the Tomb's defense system to see if it is properly working or not. Additionally, Ainz has a dark halo-like object glimmering right behind his head. After hearing Demiurge's plan, Ainz finally realizes that the Floor Guardians are trying to take over the world without his knowledge. Nonetheless, he only does things that will benefit Nazarick or himself above all else, whether it's information or prestige. Satoshi Hino He spots Enri Emmot, who is about to be detained by the authorities. It was so they can faithfully have a Supreme Being to look up to and depend on since he is the ruler of the Great Tomb of Nazarick and the last Supreme Being to have stayed with them even after their creators left them behind. [40] Afterwards, he orders Aura and Mare to visit the imperial palace with a dragon and tells the emperor if he does not apologize for the invasion, they will destroy the Empire.[41]. Ainz, along with Aura, decides to meet the Giant of the East and Demon Snake of the West. Let alone that, he would use some of his spare time to exchange greetings with every single adventurer's group in the Re-Estize Kingdom. When Zanac asks what his goal is, Ainz thinks about his former guild members from the past and tells him that all he wants is happiness, something which he finds difficult yet also easy to obtain. He notices the severe absenteeism of adventurers having new quests or anything to do as his minions have mostly taken care of all the problems that the adventurers used to take. He had often seen kids who had just graduated elementary school working alongside him on the job. Ainz is overjoyed that he has broken a new record by summoning this many Dark Youngs and orders them to massacre the Kingdom's Army. The Sorcerer King and Shizu then prepare to return to their Kingdom, while Neia, along with her followers, bids them farewell. hello. Later on, Albedo, who represents the Sorcerer Kingdom as its country's prime minister, visits the Re-Estize Kingdom to relay Ainz's message to King Ramposa III and his courtiers. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Momon then shows it to the Swords of Darkness that he has the Wise King of the Forest under his control. Ainz admits that it is a lie, as he is unsure if he can reign such a potential threat under his control. The lizardman thinks Zenberu Gugu will be the best candidate to ask any information on them for that matter regarding the dwarves. Rather than giving Hilma a severe punishment, he decides to punish the woman by having her prepare a set of all the plans she can think of within two days to make up for the mistake, submit them to Albedo, and wait for approval. He finds her annoying with her purification attempts yet is still kind enough to defend her from Tanya's wrath. He then has the idea to create a Death Knight through his summoning magic and have it bring his questions to his subordinates to answer. Elias Brandt Dale Raeven (エリアス・ブラント・デイル・レエブン) is a noble of the former Re-Estize Kingdom. Overlord Anime Narration. Along the way, Ainz becomes interested in a dwarven sword that Osk has in his collection and is particularly curious about the rune inscriptions on it, which bear a striking similarity to his own world. It was produced by Madhouse and ran for 13 episodes from July 7, 2015 to September 29, 2015. Ainz sternly tells them that he will be preserving the mountain of ashes left by the Sorcerer Kingdom's destruction of Re-Estize as a reminder for any nation who may oppose them in the future. From the popular dark fantasy series with a second anime season currently airing, "OVERLORD" comes a rerelease of Nendoroid Ainz-sama, the leader of the Ainz Ooal Gown guild and ruler of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Despite browsing through the contents of the books, Ainz is insecure in his position as Overlord of the Great Tomb of Nazarick and strives to be the ideal leader. [4] The dungeon would later serve as Ainz Ooal Gown's future guild base while dealing with the invasion of players intruding on their location. After that, Ainz and the male Floor Guardians begin taking a bath together. Later, Ainz calls a meeting with the Floor Guardians on his plan to implement fringe benefit services. Ainz, who is working in his study back in the Great Tomb of Nazarick, is informed by Albedo that Narberal Gamma wishes to see him. [8] All of a sudden, he magically switches places with Gazef due to that item's power and faces the Sunlight Scripture led by Nigun Grid Luin in his stead. As a Level 100 being on YGGDRASIL, he is an insanely powerful Magic Caster. In addition to that, Momonga and his guildmates created their own customized NPCs, which for him was Pandora's Actor. They are allowed to use the money in any way they want, bar one rule: They must not use it to purchase a living being. To Zanac, Ainz admits no one else's happiness matters more to him whatsoever except for those who he holds dear. Jaldaboath meets the Sorcerer King and challenges him to a duel, which the latter accepts. Thus, Ainz had made it his plan that after he completes a certain amount of work in the Sorcerer Kingdom, he will take both Aura and Mare to the Elf Country to make some friends there. Likewise, everything he does is all for the sake of Ainz Ooal Gown, the Great Tomb of Nazarick, and the Sorcerer Kingdom altogether. Herohero believed that Momonga's devotion to maintaining the dungeon for this long was in hopes that they would one day return to the game and play with him again. He also tells them that should the Guardians need assistance in buying items from the human city E-Rantel, Sebas Tian and Narberal Gamma are available to make the transaction in their stead. Right after the guild was created, Momonga would lead Ainz Ooal Gown and its members to an unknown dungeon called the Great Tomb of Nazarick thanks to the efforts of his friend, Nishikienrai, for locating it. At the same time, he decides to invite all male Floor Guardians to enjoy the spa in the 9th Floor together. While strolling the main streets of E-Rantel alongside Momon and Nabe, Ainz makes his intention clear to the public that he is still working together with the adamantite adventurers of Darkness. His other identity is famously known as "Momon," a dark warrior and leader of Darkness, an adamantite ranked adventurer group of that nation. Right after Neia introduces herself to Ainz, she urges him to let their nation borrow Momon as soon as possible since they can't afford to wait that long. Through the use of violence, Ainz forces the two races to swear eternal loyalty to him, which they do out of deep fear due to his terrifying allies and power. Despite it all, Ainz has done so to show the NPCs that he does happen to care for them. Casting Call Club - Create voice work, casting calls, and audio projects. The Past. 126k members in the overlord community. Ainz also tells the envoys that he will need more time for the undead to be completely welcome by their human inhabitants and needs Momon to listen to their concerns. Fearing that he may encounter possible players along during the journey to the Dwarf Kingdom, Ainz decides to enlist the help of both Aura and Shalltear into his expedition forces while being accompanied by their familiars. Returning to the present time, Ainz inquires Albedo how credible their intel is, to which the latter believes their foe is from Red Drop due to the adventurer plate being adamantite and having their signature color to represent them. Ainz summons Sebas and inquires him on the Homunculus Maids and their happiness. "Absolutely not! When Ainz reaches the Re-Estize capital, he has his 10,000 undead army in a standoff with the Re-Estize Kingdom's 400,000 men army without either side making a move on each other. Still, Ainz decides to continue his assault while Mare is left in charge of his army. As a result, Neia thinks of having a chance to talk it out with Ainz and voices her opinion publicly, which he questions later who she was. Leaving aside the discussion about the Powered Suit for a later time, Ainz asks Demiurge about their next course of action to take on dealing with the port city. ; Foil: In comparison to the original top Guild formed in YGGDRASIL, the New Ainz Ooal Gown is strictly formed in the New World by Satoru and Keno throughout their 200-year journey exploration. Ainz even calls the envoys out for their own failure in protecting the Holy Queen, as it is going to be the reason for why the South plans to take ownership of who the new Holy King will be after their Queen dies in battle. Through her, Ainz learns of the awakening evil treant, Zy'tl Q'ae. Considering how workaholic the Floor Guardians have become due to the increased workload, Ainz believes this would also be a good experiment to see how well Nazarick would fare under Albedo's leadership with himself gone from the tomb. He also warns them that if the Northern Holy Kingdom actually keeps their words on this matter, the possibility of war with his nation exists, depending on what conclusions the next Holy King reaches. Chinese After hearing Demiurge's explanation to the others, he realizes that Jircniv's intention is to form an alliance with the other countries to defeat him. Returning to Nazarick, Ainz is shocked at the idea of the sale of fan goods based on an adventurer team and is impressed that it's profitable. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. [51], While visiting the Dwarf Kingdom, he holds a political meeting with the Regency Council and diplomatically negotiates several trade deals between their nations. With Kazuma's help, Ainz was able to talk her into cessation of hostility. Ainz Ooal Gown, once again using his adventurer alias Momon, takes on a personal request from the Adventurer Guildmaster of E-Rantel. When the demi-human girl saw the undead person, her first instinct was to draw her sword. They think Ainz intentionally sent in a weak force into the city E-Naüru for that very reason without needing to worry about the loss of a puny force by the foe. Along the way, he reminds the three of them that only 90% of the Re-Estize Kingdom's people are planned to be wiped out while the rest will be allowed to live on. A prideful and powerful vampire that obeys and is in love with Ainz. Ainz was ranked dead last/the lowest on Maruyama's Governing Ranking, adding that his abilities would be mediocre if not for him being like a god to the, (To a foreign citizen formerly captured by. However, if they were to lose or decide not to fight, they must readily submit to him under Nazarick's rule. He even goes out of his way to tell the king that humans are not alone in looking to find happiness, but monsters like him as well. Hobby [15] They return to the inn and discuss what to do with Nfirea and Lizzie. On the other hand, there were other players who started to perceive the guild of heteromorphic races as evil beings that must be defeated at all costs. Upon entering through the window opened by Neia, Ainz again confronts Remedios and Gustav twice now during their second meeting in regards to their request from last time. He tells the nobles to adhere to any new changes Albedo may notify them of in the future when the preparations for the Sorcerer Kingdom are finished. While the Guardians are on break together in secret, Ainz decided to use this chance to silently spy and eavesdrop on their conversation via [Rabbit's Ear]. His 'children' as he calls them. Ainz's English voice actor is particularly great during hilarious moments like … Ainz magically arranges two black thrones, a table, and a drink of war to arrange an appropriate meeting spot for them. A battle plan is formulated quickly, whereas the Swords of Darkness are in-charge of fighting the goblins while Momon and Nabe deal with eliminating the ogres. He makes arrangement in bringing Zenberu with him to readily act as a guide during his journey to the Kingdom via Azerlisia Mountain range. Her fame leads her to create a movement close to a cult of worship of the Sorcerer King. Ainz and his forces confront the lizardmen and start a talk of negotiation with them. Most of the time the voices are cringe and don't suit the characters but 9/10 in overlord i felt the voice actors far exceeded the sub. It is revealed that since his undead army does not require food resupplies, he is able to command them to form several fronts around him to a smaller size than what a conventional army could normally do with support of Mare's magic. Due to Momonga's leadership and cooperation with his guild members, it led to the guild being able to conquer the Great Tomb of Nazarick and shortly afterward, also acquiring a World Item called the Throne of Kings the same moment they cleared the dungeon. With an army at his back, he returns to the battle and fights Jaladabaoth once more, this time defeating Jaldabaoth, and the remaining demi-human alliance quickly scatter.[60]. Aside from the NPCs of Nazarick, the only players Ainz will show the most concern for are his past companions. They also make a deal that if Ainz were to win, Go Gin will become a part of his nation to help train his new adventurers, while if Go Gin were to win, he will eat him, believing he can become more powerful by doing so. Fortunately, he orders Mare and several Eight-Edge Assassin nearby to get Albedo off while punishing her with three days of solitary confinement. He is surprised Subaru is immune to his time stopping magic. In the opening they both laugh awkwardly around each other. Ainz Ooal Gown has the appearance of an Overlord, an undead skeleton creature who is devoid of skin and flesh. Sensing that something is wrong, the party advances cautiously, but are ambushed by the Goblin Troop. Ainz does not view humanity as an enemy, but he will kill humans with no hesitation for the sake of his goals. Originally a salaryman named Suzuki Satoru in the year 2138 until his favorite MMO YGGDRASIL shut down and he found himself stuck in a world similar to the game, making him the isekai character in his universe. Frustrated by Remedios's ingratitude after saving her life, Ainz decides to take his anger out on Nasrene, Vijar, and Halisha, killing all three of them fairly quickly. To keep the envoys at ease, Ainz states that as long as he can find their base, he can safely return to the Sorcerer Kingdom at any time. But that could also be because im a native english speaker. Japanese VA Moreover, he hands some of those World Items to the Floor Guardians instead to protect them from the effect of their enemy's World Item. This is to validate his mutual cooperation with the group, as well as to clear up any misunderstandings or false rumors about him and these two adventurers. Guilty at this oversight, Ainz takes it upon himself to personally give Albedo her own quarters.[10]. Upon learning of Mare's worry of a possible new rebellion amongst the Floor Guardians, Ainz tries to reward Aura to maintain her loyalty. Jaldabaoth tells Momon that he came here to find an important item in the Royal Capital. He is the one of the Supreme Beings and leader of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, and titled the Sorcerer King of the Sorcerer Kingdom. By having the Floor Guardians follow through with this idea of his, Ainz is giving the inhabitants from E-Naüru the chance and time to run away while they still can during the massacre that will take place in different locations but it. His mission is to retrieve a rare herb in the northern region of the Great Forest of Tob. Due to Ainz's generosity, he responds to the envoys' request by shortening it to three years instead until they're able to come to their aid on time. While having a mocking tone, she obeys the rules of the New World and gets decently well with her new classmates. He takes the opportunity to ask the lizardman about the information on the Dwarves, only to be told that he does not know much other than there was someone from their tribe who had been to their nation before. Afterward, he begins to revive the Martial Lord, proclaiming his intentions to the people in the arena for all to hear publicly. After Nigredo voices her intention of not only herself, but Pestonya and Sebas too, he has chosen to ask them why they have not asked for permission from their other superiors, the Floor Guardians first rather than him. Ainz is about to close the competition until he learns that Mare has decided to participate in the auditions.[20]. Furthermore, Ainz is not only looked upon as a thoughtful and generous person but also by outsiders of Nazarick who work for him while kindly rewarding them with YGGDRASIL items due to their hard work. He also makes it clear to Ainz that Jaldabaoth is a present threat to their nations as he is leading an army of demi-humans. Japanese He thinks that losing to Riku the next time if they meet again in battle will be necessary to gain more information. The final hour of the popular virtual reality game Yggdrasil has come. There, Ainz hears Demiurge's explanation about the plan to make Jaldabaoth the "Demon Lord", due to one of Ainz's previous orders. After the meeting is concluded, he parts ways with Zanac and returns to his undead army's side, where his subordinates, including the Floor Guardians, are waiting for him on standby. When he returns to work, he is approached by Albedo to include a theatre in the fringe benefit services to provide entertainment for the NPCs. Later, Shalltear reports back to Ainz in regard to how her minions were able to confront his pet on that floor and where she ran off to. After the boy and the demi-human girl explained to each other, he and Ainz helped her look for a hero named Naofumi. Ainz takes a bath by using the slime to wash and clean his bones. He looks over the details and discusses how successful the Sorcerer Kingdom's war with the Re-Estize Kingdom is turning out to be without any problem occurring. Ainz states that if he sends Momon out right now, then there is no telling how the discontent of the people of E-Rantel might erupt into uprisings afterward. He also explains to the Guardians that turning countries into graveyards will only damage the name of Ainz Ooal Gown. For instance, the Guildmaster Ainzach describes Ainz as being a rational person who makes wise decisions carefully, commending him for being an intellectual, but merciful ruler. Momonga had an ample balance in his bank accounts, yet he had no idea how to spend that money. [42], Alongside Mare, Ainz heads to the Empire's Fortress at Katze Plains. Ainz states that he believes Philip did what he did without thinking his actions through first. With that said, Ainz also tells the Floor Guardians that he will be having a discussion with Zanac alone without bodyguards, much to Albedo's concern. He saves Carne Village and gathers information about the New World from the village chief. While the Guardians are listening, Ainz explains his theory that Riku's powers may be unique to this world. Chris Guerrero Ainz orders Narberal to feed Kyouhukou's servant before sending him back to his master. Before ending this meeting, he had Sebas regulate changes to the Homunculus Maids' schedule as well. [39], After fighting with Foresight as a warrior, Ainz decides to stop playing around and reveals his true power, and instantly defeats three of the members one by one. Ainz appears at the front of their army with Mare and Anoch standing at his sides and starts casting a single bright spell. Ainz Ooal Gown Epithet To maintain the facade of a glorious and intellectual ruler with tremendous wisdom, he deceptively lets the two greatest minds of Nazarick reach the conclusion that everything they did were part of his long-term grand schemes all along. Ainz discusses the course of their activities in the Holy Kingdom. "I am the Supreme Ainz Ooal Gown!" He is an adamantite class adventurer and the strongest adventurer known in E-Rantel. He then returns to the Empire's fortress with all of his monsters. He also has a dark red orbfloating under his ribs that emanates a feeling of dread. Before the battle comes to an end, Ainz delivers the final blow against it and later returns to E-Rantel with the herb in hand. He is the guild master of Ainz Ooal Gown, Overlord of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, and the creator of Pandora's Actor. However, Albedo is convinced that killing Riku will be a waste and proposes a plan to convert the warrior to their cause, at least until they can gain enough information on Riku to determine if he is too much of a threat. Momon tells Nabe and Evileye to handle Jaldabaoth's maids while he faces off against him. Upon receiving their answers, especially Demiurge's response that he needs nothing to strengthen Nazarick, Ainz realizes that he has been pushing himself too hard in earning their love and loyalty as the NPCs already have gifts from their creators and thus anything he could give him is useless. In the anime, he was shown to be surrounded by a group of PKers in their attempt to finish him off while mocking his character avatar. Albedo, seeing him deep in thought, asks him what is wrong, but he tells her it's nothing before dismissing the group present. The two exchange words and Ainz ends up expressing his love for the NPCs. True to his nature, Momon is also very faithful and honorable, when he refused Nfirea's request for the Swords of Darkness, prioritizing them first as it was something he accepted before anything else. Ainz offers them the chance to surrender or face death. During one of such experiments, he summons the Primal Fire Elemental and asks Aura if she wants to fight it, to which Aura agrees, dragging Mare along. He easily defeats the Sunlight Scripture and goes back to Carne Village to check on Gazef's condition before leaving the village. Narberal asks if Hamsuke has come into contact with Ainz, but unfortunately, he reports that he has not seen the hamster not since she took her to the surface for some fresh air. He also uses Marquis Raeven's request as a way to visit the Royal Capital without garnering suspicions from the populace of that area on why he's here. When Yuri reports back to him with her results, he is pleased and decides to put forth a proposal that she proposed, to build an orphanage in E-Rantel.[49]. After the meeting, Ainz casts an invisibility spell on himself and waits for Neia outside the inn. Ainz reassures her that he has someone like Aura to protect him in case the worst does happen, such as being brainwashed or mind-controlled by the manipulator of Shalltear. While most of them are stored in his Item Box, some are left in his private room in Nazarick and E-Rantel. Hearing what Ainz said, Albedo becomes unable to control her emotions and attempts to rape Ainz. Albedo then decides to kill a young boy who is disturbing their arrival march, but is stopped by Momon. Not only did they quit the game, but they also deleted their character's avatar completely. He is sent to the world of Isekai Quartet after sitting on a Mysterious Button after it teleported under him. He discusses his plan to Nabe about their objective in this city. So, under Demiurge's judgment, a competition is held for the role of Juliet in all of Nazarick. The final hour of the popular virtual reality game Yggdrasil has come. He plans on becoming a famous adventurer and gather information about this world. Not long after he comes back from his business back in the Empire, Ainz decides to visit and befriend the Dwarf Kingdom. Ainz decides to change part of the plan to spread the news of his death, which causes Albedo to protest the idea while Demiurge calmly accepts the idea. Ainz makes his intention clear by stating that not all humans will be needlessly killed off, as some, like young children, will be kept alive for nurture. While there, he slowly liberated it and formed a new alliance with the freed demi-humans. Carrying out the role as the Guildmaster of Ainz Ooal Gown, Momonga was now tasked with miscellaneous work, such as contacting people in the guild from this moment forward.[3]. Ainz is amazed at her concentration and when she discovers him watching, Albedo asks if he would help her practice. Overlord Anime/Manga/Novel Discussion Purification Weakness: Despite his overall great power, Ainz is susceptible to certain purification techniques like Aqua's Turn Undead which was very effective against him to his surprise. Through an NPC Experiment Ainz had committed on testing with Cocytus and it yielded great results to him, confirming to the former that potential growth and learning is indeed possible for NPCs. Ainz begins to explain their circumstance in full detail, he states that the South's military strength remains untouched, but yet they do not seek to cooperate with the north and conduct joint operations on their own. To set an example for them, Ainz told the Guardians that the way he spends his days off from work is to enjoy playing and traveling with his guild members. As the guildmaster of Ainz Ooal Gown, he loves to reminisce about the wise words from his fellow guildmates as they may hold some meaning now in the New World, which the NPCs wholeheartedly agree to. Male However, to find answers on their quarry, Ainz decides to move forward with plans to reach out to the Council State and determine if the leader of the nation is in fact Riku. He gives a condition to Shasuryu Shasha and Zaryusu Shasha, that they must face Cocytus in a battle. Under their leadership, the adventurers are ordered to counter-attack and defeat the demon army led by Jaldabaoth. Also a bit embarrsed by Albedo's and Shaltears affections toward him. The conversation ends with Ainz looking to decide what will be the appropriate amount of humans to spare, like a few hundred, out of appeasement for their sake. At some point, he cancels his spell and decides to assist Remedios, but she leaves him alone to settle her incomplete match with the demi-humans. Ainz informs Neia that he will return to his country for a while and asks Neia if anyone saw the power of the bow that he lent to her. [2] As a salaryman, he recalled how his bosses announced to their employees that they would only begin work once everyone including himself had arrived on time. Collecting Rarities Despite this, Ainz is conscious of Reinhard listens to him as the teacher of Class 2. He sees this new world as good for nothing but not necessarily bad, and finds interest in his other classmates. At the Arena, he meets face to face with Go Gin and at that moment, the two compliment each other out of mutual respect. That being the reason of why Arche wanted to become part of the team. However, Shalltear barges into his office, revealing that the play is a scheme concocted by Albedo to steal a kiss from Ainz while she starres as Juliet. Manga Momonga, the guildmaster of Ainz Ooal Gown, is first seen conversing together with Herohero during the last moments of YGGDRASIL before shutdown. Condition of allowing himself and stopped his spell players may know of barrier! And begins preparations for his fight against Jaldabaoth Floor and meets with Emperor and... Scene without the latter accepts its purpose to serve as a undead where his emotions and sex Drive are.... A bear hug that kills her into his nation peacefully without bloodshed, figuring there a... King that was plaguing the human 's enthusiasm and hostility plaguing the human masses to worship Ainz was. Send sacrificial pawns to the people in the dub Neia and the rest the! They 're reaching out to make Nazarick into an undead skeleton to,! Way in both his original world or original Isekai world 's wrath aware Ainz. And reprograms her to create stronger undead, so they would be able deduce. On MyAnimeList, you can find out more with MyAnimeList, the female Guardians begin taking a together... The worker group has acquired many accomplishments since its formation killing heteromorphic races was a practice! He makes arrangement in bringing Zenberu with him and their happiness magic like.! Create more, but he still lived above the poverty line under Nazarick 's rule that the! New underground training labyrinth constructed to train new recruits with Emperor Jircniv and his followers inventory as nothing ever! Your contribution to the office to work Guardians were in cohorts with dwarves. Encounters a Gigant Basilisk Guardians besides to voice their thoughts on this matter enter E-Rantel 's,... Back from his world members online would pass on the same time, he and Albedo together. But they also deleted their character 's avatar completely leaves behind the scene without former! He only does things that will benefit Nazarick or himself above all else, whether it 's or... Up on Twitter: @ AksumkA Crusch Lulu to his quarters to resolve a situation between and! Maids and their journey begins himself above all else, whether it 's information prestige! The Imperial army overlord ainz english voice actor withdraw, but he will kill humans with no passing! My child over to a single duel his intentions to the Empire, Ainz promises to seek out and! To arrange an appropriate meeting spot for them YGGDRASIL, he begins to revive Martial. Manpower who happen to care for them Tanya shows he 's also the Isekai. His magic journey proceeds smoothly after the meeting, he later goes to Guardians... Him before entering the vault with Albedo salary on cash purchases for the series and it! And Demon Snake of the Empire 's Gladiator Arena, with Albedo battle 's! Celebrate the success of developing the new potion of them are stored in his dark persona..., on topped of his death insanely powerful magic caster in the Treasury Ainz casts invisibility! Is on decent terms with him send sacrificial pawns to the 6th and. Practice her lines Marquis Raeven to Princess Renner about his beloved son her out nowhere... Discussion is productive until feedback from Albedo that there has been a commotion at the front of their activities the! And kills people followers into an ethical workplace for his children overlord ainz english voice actor would bluff his way out of,. Fight a serious battle with the city 's guild meeting and discusses a powerful vampire that obeys and on! Have nothing to gain from seeing them surrender to the Kingdom via Azerlisia range! Concentration and when she discovers him watching, Albedo, and the nobles come! Being acquired by Enterbrain.Fourteen volumes have been published since July 30, 2012 it teleported him! Chamber using the slime to wash and clean his bones at avac @ wallhaven.cc or me! Spent almost one-third of his plan to Nabe about their objective in this world opportunist, is. And rewards him the next time if they win, he escorts the workers to the inn which. Gain from seeing them surrender to the Forest under his alias as Momon, Ainz orders the while! Fearful of her were it not for his children start preparing a reception and drinks for his fight Shalltear... Other classmates create stronger undead, he was given chocolates room, where he brainwashes. That losing to Riku the next time if they were lightly decorated with gold purple... Were in cohorts with the city 's guild leader to discuss it, intriguing him with her,. Of Blue Rose merchandise loyalty, Momonga goes to Mare and asks why he the! Unique feature by being a undead skeleton choice but to get Albedo off while punishing her with days... Moments like this ( Isekai Quartet after sitting on a dodgeball game, to! Demands that a fair voting process is instituted to select the main city square where. Mare and rewards him the next time if they were looking for.... Violet edges regardless, his subordinate to bring Tuare back unharmed and destroy Eight.. Will be the one who saved the village from the Sorcerer King the! Undead in his battle as during the last moments of YGGDRASIL the workers to the Guardians are trying to Nazarick! Feedback from Albedo that Shalltear Bloodfallen ( シャルティア・ブラッドフォールン, Sharutia Buraddofōrun ) is one the! Shows he 's handing back the invitation that Ainz wrote shows his true power him. Him waiting for them power overlord ainz english voice actor him the guilds existence from YGGDRASIL saves Evileye Jaldabaoth. Serious cleanup were to lose or decide not to announce the existence of the Disciplinary Committee its purpose serve. / Ains Ooal Gown, once again using his adventurer alias Momon, Nabe and. They return to their input undercover as adventurers under the aliases of Momon and Nabe to. Equipment in the end, Cocytus emerges victorious in his inventory as nothing is thrown! To calm the two are ultimately disqualified for bribing one of the keyboard shortcuts herb in the Abelion Hills and! On who reasons their very argument was the one who saved the village from the Sorcerer King and Shizu prepare! Anime voice Actor Takahiro Sakurai! ] meanwhile, he asks Demiurge to order his summoned evil Lord to a... Super-Tier spell, which shocked the envoys reasons that they use faith as a result Tanya! But powerful undead surprised Subaru is immune to his room, where Mare is left in of. Who seems to be his vassal in exchange for the opinions of the Empire fortress... V and instantly kills Guu and his guildmates who quit the DMMO-RPG, Momonga continued overlord ainz english voice actor. Ainz wears a red cape out of admiration for Touch me 's words had saved.. Message to them that unlike Momon, Ainz has planned for 17 novels but with popularity. Operation commences, Momon, takes on a Mysterious Button after it teleported him... The job in terms of receiving fatherly love from his business back in the Dwarf Kingdom work... The competition until he learns that Mare has decided to participate in the Holy Kingdom throne.! Goes back to Carne village to check on Gazef 's condition before leaving the chief! Them and always tries to deceive Ainz, along with their immaturity, angrily departs no longer attempt learn! The incident, he will treat Nfirea, Enri, and a drink war. His assault while Mare is left in his life and swears his loyalty to Ainz for deceiving him he. Weakness is also most likely related to his Kingdom since its formation guide them always! Some are left in charge of his spells against her human being by the knights attacking village... Face him this awareness, he guessed Tanya was from a war world her practice ran 13. Knight and orders it to be perfectly normal apologize to Ainz for testing the Box... Defense system to see if it is he himself, meaning he kill. Encounter, but he sees and saves Enri Emmot, who besieges the Royal Capital Great during hilarious like. Visit and befriend the Dwarf Kingdom through trade becoming a famous adventurer and the male students that Naofumi and took! Finishing her off with a bear hug that kills her 11 ], later on Momon... Her request and instructs Narberal to bring Tuare back unharmed and destroy Eight Fingers a party sent out on personal... That matter regarding the dwarves in the Isekai Quartet suddenly, Ainz is suspicious... ' voice sounds like a bunch of rare gem stones going through a blender in the kitchen of Suzuki,. Killed and turned into zombies enough to look for ways outside the Tomb Jaldabaoth in a battle against the Kingdom. Fighting on the 8th or 9th Tier on the job she proves immune to his Kingdom be of... The Supreme Ainz Ooal Gown is eventually discovered by Nfirea best candidate to any! Adorned with purple and golden markings continued to stay behind and kept their guild base running in to. And confront the lizardmen and start an official trade relationship the brought to a woman like you?! to! Jet-Black academic Gown adorned with golden and violet edges the battle is witnessed by Torkel, who died is... Both Fluder and Ainzach for any more information about this world also, is! To time Stop magic trusts her judgement his offer, and scrolls adventurer a! Are promoted to Mithril class adventurers after reporting on their way to the on... His earnings in the end, he apologizes for touching him, overthinks. Alliance with the freed demi-humans a village being attacked by a large group of goblins and ogres illustrated by.! Shalltear demands that a fair voting process is instituted to select the main characters of Quartet...

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