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I don’t begin my retrieve until it gets under some bushes or heavy cover. Important Dates. The first waves of fish have completed the spawn and there is a smaller group of fish currently on beds, but there will be another big group on the next moon cycle. “The fish are not only plentiful but average very large sizes, also some of the best I’ve seen in a long time.”. Craig does most of his fishing on the Cooper River; his plan is to get on the water before dawn and work the shallows. His favorite colors are junebug and pumpkinseed. The striped bass limit in the Santee River system is three fish between 23 and 25 inches with one fish greater than 26 inches from Oct. 1-June 15. Bass guide Inky Davis (803-478-7289) considers September a transition month for largemouth bass and it initiates a … Hit up the deep waters of Lake Marion or Moultrie in summer, and you can … Description ; Description. Dennis said that the contrasts are important considerations for the two rivers. The Santee River flows from the Wilson Dam, which impounds Lake Marion, through the Georgetown area on the way to the ocean. “I use my 22-foot center console on the Cooper River, but I have a shallow-draft aluminum boat ideal for the Santee River,” Dennis said. Tap in the Phantom Logo to get started! 2021 Phantom Outdoors Phantom Open April 24th at John C Land! Springtime bass fishing on Santee Cooper Lakes, SC during FLW Costa 2018. I tried to make it fall back to the same spot every time. The Santee River may not be the typical place for a big bass rig, but it’s certainly a top bass producer, according to local experts. Dennis said that mid-day does present some excellent fishing opportunities. 2020 Bassmaster Elite at Santee Cooper Lakes brought to you by the United States Marine Corps. “Typically, I’ll have to back off into deeper water from mid-morning to late-evening,” he said. Craig said that under normal conditions, the river is fairly clear unless there’s been a lot of rainfall. “The Santee River is smaller (and) also a good bit more difficult to run in a large boat, especially in the upper end,” he said. ACCOMMODATIONS — Santee Cooper Country, 803-854-2131,; Berkeley Chamber of Commerce, 800-882-0337, Fall is here and the bass are beginning to feed on the surface! “They have lots of bass for fast action, and both produce quality fish. Inky Davis, who grew up on Santee Cooper and has guided there for more than half a century, said a key depth could be the first drop – where the level goes just a foot or so to 4 or 5 feet. Bushy Park Landing in Goose Creek offers access to the lower freshwater section of the Cooper River. Dennis said he gets on the river early, just at first light, to take advantage of some sensational topwater schooling action. You got to be able to put the lure in tight places, under limbs, around shoreline bushes and other natural objects. One longtime Lake Marion guide told me once that "if we get three days of really warm weather in January, fast-forward your thinking to March." “The bass action is sensational, but with so many other outdoor opportunities available as fall approaches, fishing pressure slacks a bit. “They’re both outstanding bass factories,” he said. A white Fluke-style bait is a killer on the Santee and Cooper rivers for schooling largemouth bass in fall. Contact Us and lets go fishng! Thought I would share my lineup of heavy hitters for targeting Santee's spring time largemouth. “A john boat with a small motor will work great for both rivers.”. Depending on the water level in the river, patterns may change in terms of types of cover and depths. I’d give the Cooper River the edge for top-end size as the most likely to produce a double-digit sized largemouth. Veteran guide Leroy Suggs believes the fishing … Weigh-In. Based on both the strength of its tournament bass returns and its tremendous fisheries for other species, such as catfish, striped bass, and crappie, the Santee-Cooper … But the rivers are September treasures for bass fishermen.”. “Current enables me to get the lure in tight cover otherwise obscured by branches covering the water,” he said. Fishing with Brett Mitchell Santee-Cooper Guide and Instructor Specializing in Trophy Size Largemouth Bass - Blue Catfish - Striped Bass (In season) CALL 803-379-7029 Fishing With Brett only Uses rod holders from. Santee Cooper Bass Club is one of the oldest clubs in South Carolina. The Santee and Cooper rivers are intertwined by their close proximity as well as sharing the bond of being sourced by Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie, but great fishing could be a strong bond. Bucky DeBerry & William Thigpen win the Santee Cooper Fall Points! I slowly twitch the lure back to the boat around, over and through cover. It’s only a few minutes from Bonneau in either direction. DAY 1 : 7:30 AM ET John C. Land III Landing 4404 Greenall Road Summerton SC 29148 Phone: 803.435.4405. ... "My best technique was to throw the Senko out and let it fall straight down on a slack line. Search by species or location. He is considered one of the favorites for this tournament amongst pundits and Bassmaster Fantasy Fishing participants alike, but a four-day event in the fall … The season is closed from June 16-Sept. 30. Dennis said a lot of the fish are in the 2-pound class or smaller, but they provide almost non-stop action on catch and release. Important … “I cast the worm around heavy shoreline cover in shallow water, and also around deeper cover in the slack water holes that may be 6 to 8 feet deep at times. Fall – Largemouth move into more shallow water and cypress, gum and tupelo trees where plastic worms, spinner baits and crankdown lures are … The Santee Cooper lakes scored a Top 25 in the U.S. designation, and three more of South Carolina's major impoundments made the "runner-up" cut for the Southeast region. I think the most important factor is to get the lure on top of the feeding bass quickly and it triggers a bite.”. “Water movement is a dependable feature, and the amount will change and the river level will move up or down depending on outflow. A lot of the Cooper River looks good in the shallows out to where it drops into deeper water, but you can fish long stretches of good-looking water with little action. Add in the BONUS $ and Jason took home $2,200.00! “For September fishing, look for weeds along the shoreline that are near the drop into the channel,” Craig said. That … Both lakes hold a year-round population of Blue, Flathead, White, and Channel Catfish. Look for something different along the course of the river. Remember, somebody's going to catch fish … Here are the baits that made the most money this week in the Costa FLW Series. Shallow-water bass fishing means different things to different people, but on Santee-Cooper, shallow water can mean really shallow water, even in the dead of winter. Texas-rigged plastic worms fished around shoreline cover and pier, dock and bridge pilings are also very productive throughout the day. “Most mornings for about an hour, the fish will be topwater schooling,” he said. The shad spawn, bass spawn and ample shallow cover make for fantastic fishing on Santee Cooper in the spring, as the Costa FLW Series Southeastern Division’s best sticks proved last week. But it’s teeming with largemouth bass. “White has been a very good color, but different fishermen have their own preferences,” he said. The best lures for me have been Tiny Torpedoes and Flukes, and the best color for the Flukes has been white. Mitchell thinks that there will be two potential tournament winning patterns going on in late October at Santee Cooper. The Santee Cooper CATT Division will be holding tournaments out of the John C Land Landing. First, fishing … SKU: N/A Categories: Bass Tournaments, Santee Cooper Division, Tournaments. “The boat may be in 15 feet of water, but the targets will be very shallow. Best colors for the Torpedos vary from black with white stripes to frog or shad and chartreuse. “Early and late in the day, the topwater action is great. This week the anglers crushed the fish throwing many different baits around Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie. PHOENIX BASS FISHING LEAGUE - 2020 - Santee Cooper. Add in the BONUS $ and Jason took home $2,200.00! The bass fishing remains excellent on Santee Cooper, and Captain Brett Mitchell (803-379-7029) reports that there are fish at all stages of the spawn. Also, a plastic worm rigged Texas-style is ideal for both, and I like the green shades at this time of the year. Industry News; Inside Elite Boats; Beginner's Tacklebox; Elite Man Caves; Bass Life; Enter a keyword . Boat access is somewhat limited. September is a sensational month for an assortment of outdoor activities, but one that’s often overlooked is river fishing for largemouth bass in the coastal plain. Dennis said that when the topwater action slows, the bite does not. November 2020 Fishing Report (Credit SCDNR Freshwater Fishing Trends) Bass: Captain Brett Mitchell (803-379-7029) reports that when it finally gets cooler in November fish will start to follow shad into the backs. Elite . They received a Lews Baitcast reel for weighing in the BF at 7.96 lbs! DAY 1 : 6:00 AM ET John C. Land III Landing 4404 Greenall Road Summerton SC 29148 Phone: 803.435.4405. Almost 80 years after the lakes were impounded and the first population of landlocked striped bass in the United States was discovered, Santee Cooper has had a fishable population of stripers. Tweets by @nchuntnfish Matthews said that his favorite lures have been topwaters and plastic worms. Santee Cooper Country Bass Fishing With Inky Davis Please Click Here to Visit My New Site. Take Off. “On the Santee River, success depends on casting ability. According to angler Art Craig of Moncks Corner, fewer bass fishermen are on the rivers at this time of the year, especially during the week. After it soaked a minute I'd jump it up real fast and let it fall straight down again. $5,000 1st Place! Located in Historic Berkley County, Blacks is 45 minutes from Charleston and 1 1/2 hours from Myrtle Beach, SC. Deer season remains open for several more weeks, and the final segment of duck season reopens Dec. 12. Because this river does get a lot of pressure during the spring and summer, the smaller worms do seem to produce more bites and plenty of big bass. Blacks is located in Cross, SC on Blacks Camp road, a long country road that leads right to the middle of Santee Cooper Country, a fishing and hunting paradise. AHQ INSIDER Santee Cooper (SC) Fall 2020 Fishing Report – Updated October 9 October 9 Santee Cooper water levels are at 75.14 in Lake Marion (full pool is 76.8) and 74.97 in Lake Moultrie (full pool is 75.5). Deer and dove season open, and hunting is a powerful drawing card for local outdoorsmen. Bass are usually found in waters less than 20 feet deep and rarely go beyond the area where rooted vegetation will grow. After a hot summer, September fishing begins to change for the better with largemouths getting much more active. “It’s not that the fish aren’t biting like crazy,” said Craig, 50, the head football coach at Timberland High School in St. Stephens for the past 18 years, a stint that included Class 2A state championships in 2011 and 2014. Everything you need to know about fishing in South Carolina's Santee Cooper lakes for catfish, crappie, bream & more. Another angler who runs the rivers this month is Joe Dennis, a 45-year-old resident of Bonneau who is one of only a handful of guides who fish for bass in both river systems. But excellent launching facilities exist along both rivers.”. 803-379-7029 Call or Text Email Us … Santee Cooper … “I’m also having a lot of success casting to the middle part of the river in deeper holes where bass congregate as the sun gets high.”. Bass Basics; Fishing and Boat Licenses; Smallmouth Fishing; Lunker Club; Top Lures; Gear. Brian Scott & Brad Beatson weighed in  the 2nd BF at 7.25 lbs and took home $66.00 plus an Academy Gift Card! Also, treetops and other woody debris make excellent hideouts if they’re close to the deeper water. MAPS — DeLorme’s S.C. Atlas and Gazetteer, 800-561-5105 Yet at Guntersville, no … Fishing it too fast seems to reduce the number of bites.”. “I access the Santee River from the St. Stephens area and the Cooper River from Moncks Corner, just below the dam. I let the worm sink out of sight. … Major Chad Ardis and I show you how To Catch big Bass from Cypress trees on Santee-Cooper lakes in South Carolina. The only thing their Santee Cooper bass had in common was a shallow water home. But the Santee will produce a lot of bass over 7 pounds and is probably pressured less because of the type of river and style of boat needed.”. Based out of Cross, you’ll head out onto Lake Moultrie and Lake Marion looking to fill the boat with some monstrous Catfish and exciting Striped Bass. Surface water temperatures are around 70-74 degrees. The topwater bite will also … “Get a lure on top of where the fish boil the surface, and odds for a hookup are great. “I’ve fished the rivers for about five years for both bass and bream,” Craig said. Doing some Fall Bass Fishing on Lake Marion, one of the Santee Cooper Lakes. NEW for 2021! 11 talking about this. The bottom line is there's no wrong place to be if you're fishing Santee-Cooper during the cold winter months for largemouth bass. 4th went to Nelson Walker and Chris Brunson with 19.86 lbs! HOW TO GET THERE — The Santee and Cooper rivers flow from Wilson and Pinopolis dams downstream to the coast. The Chick was similar to Guntersville in that the entire body of water was in play and the only one in which the winning pattern – frog fishing – was predictable. Both rivers have outstanding largemouth bass and not surprisingly, the action on both is white hot during September and into October. Dennis said lighter line gets more bites; he fishes 8-pound line with a 1/8-ounce slip sinker on his worm rig. “The diversity of fishing opportunities is one of the things that make river fishing so appealing. One fish reigns supreme in the Santee Cooper lakes, and that’s Catfish. “The river fishing has again become very popular with fishermen, and with good reason,’ Matthews said. Select your strategy and start fishing. “The comparisons I’ve found work well for fishermen in that many of the basic fall tactics and patterns are the same, so lures won’t vary that much from one river to the other,” Dennis said. Bob Matthews, a 68-year-old pastor from Ladson has a farm adjacent to the Santee River and has fished it for the past 60 years. River fishing is a change of pace type fishing for many and on these dynamic rivers that change can mean catching more bass. PHOENIX BASS FISHING LEAGUE - 2021 - Santee Cooper. He simply switches gears and starts working a Texas-rigged plastic worm. “The Cooper River is a larger river and one that seems to always have current flow with some generation at the Pinopolis Dam,” he said. The schedule is as follows: 2020 FALL EVENTS: DATE: RAMP: Qualifier 1: September 19: John C Land: Qualifier 2: … DAY 1 : 3:30 PM ET John C. Land III Landing 4404 Greenall Road Summerton SC 29148 Phone: 803.435.4405. “Fast action and hefty bass make a great summertime combination.”. “In the lake, the fishing can be much more complex, with deeper water, humps and ledges all holding bass at this time of year. W.H. Get info on facilities, guides & reports. We can’t promise cell phone reception - but we can promise a good time. 'http':'https';if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=p+"://";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs"); A white Fluke-style bait is a killer on the Santee and Cooper rivers for schooling largemouth bass in fall. The water temperature is still quite high in September, so most of the fish are oriented to the main river with the current flow.”. The upper of the two Santee Cooper lakes is prime largemouth territory. Sonar equipment and other high-tech tools are important to success. Early in the morning, before sunrise, he’ll work the side of the river the sun hits first. “This works well, because it’s not all that unusual that I may fish both rivers in a day — one in the morning and one in the afternoon, depending on the patterns,” he said. The key is to visually isolate the areas that are different so they can be targeted, and often, that’s where you’ll find the larger schools of fish.”. Matthews said one lure that’s ideal for this type situation is an unweighted plastic worm. Jason Morse fishing solo won the Santee Fall Final Saturday with 5 bass weighing 25.68 lbs! Weigh-In. Dennis said the Santee and Cooper rives offer great diversity in fishing style, with the common denominator of great bass fishing. Other lures will produce for different anglers, but for Matthews, other than a worm, he will use a Tiny Torpedo in frog pattern early and late in the day for topwater action. That’s just plain bizarre. DAY 1 : 2:00 PM ET John C. Land III Landing 4404 Greenall Road Summerton SC 29148 Phone: 803.435.4405. The top 10 pros primarily relied on ChatterBaits, punch rigs and finesse soft plastics to make the cut. !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)? 2nd Place went to Don Pendavis & Bobby Gibbs with another great bag weighing in at 25.21 lbs! September is a sensational month for an assortment of outdoor activities, but one that’s often overlooked is river fishing for largemouth bass in the coastal plain. Flukes, Tiny Torpedos and Pop-Rs are preferred. Tournament Results Santee Cooper, SC Fall Final Dec 19, 2020 Tournament Results Smith Mtn Lake, VA Fall Final Dec 13, 2020 Tournament Results James River Fall Final Dec 13, 2020 WHEN TO GO — Fall bass fishing can be excellent, beginning in September, and it improves as the weather cools through the fall. See also Guides and Charters in Classifieds. He said the largemouth bass fishing has been better for the past couple of years than he’s seen in many years. Take Off. But for adrenalin junkies looking for non-stop action, the fall season for striped bass can bring steady, heart-pounding action on a daily basis. More info coming! They received a Lews Baitcast reel for weighing in the BF at 7.96 lbs! “But depending on where you’re fishing, it’s good to have a second rod rigged with slightly heavier line if you working heavy cover.”. Still, it's perhaps a little early for the big fall feed-up in preparation for the impending colder months. “I’ll target the edge lines of big grass mats along the river, as well as the edges of rice fields with deep water nearby,” he said. “But plenty of bass in the 3- to 5-pound class are caught, and these larger fish certainly  keep us from getting complacent, and we’re occasionally catching some really big fish,” he said. Right now is one of the best times to fish Santee Cooper in South Carolina. “Fishing the river is different than fishing Lake Marion,” he said. Matthews said action is better with current. That’s why catfishing here is often ranked among the best in the country. Early and late in the day the bass will often feed in the shallows. Priority … Jason Morse fishing solo won the Santee Fall Final Saturday with 5 bass weighing 25.68 lbs! Work a Fluke or topwater such as a Tiny Torpedo or Pop R over the grass if submerged and around the edges where the water depth abruptly drops into the river. Use PHANTOMCATT15 at checkout and earn 15% off your order! The Cooper River flows to the Atlantic via Charleston from the Pinopolis Dam that impounds Lake Moultrie in Moncks Corner. Find a local fishing guide in Santee Cooper Country. “I’ll cast the lure to the edge of cover and allow it to drift downstream with the current as it falls. Hosting Tournaments in VA, NC, SC, and GA, © Carolina Anglers Team Trail - All rights reserved, Tournament Results Santee Cooper, SC Fall Final Dec 19, 2020, Lake Robinson Tournament Results Nov 18, 2017, Lake Norman Tournaments Results – October 14, 2017, Tournament Results Savannah River, GA Dec 19, 2020, Tournament Results Smith Mtn Lake, VA Fall Final Dec 13, 2020, Tournament Results James River Fall Final Dec 13, 2020, Tournament Results Sparkleberry Swamp Open Lake Marion, SC Dec 12, 2020, Tournament Results Lake Monticello, SC Dec 12, 2020. Dennis said comparison and contrasts between the two are interesting. But having reliable current and deeper water can be important. You have a wide variety of options to suit your individual style of fishing and the big fish are there. “Near Jamestown, the Santee River opens up and is wider and deeper, but for a long stretch, it’s full of shoals, pools, rocks and blow downs. Justin Cromer finished 3rd with 21.62 lbs! October 8 ~ 11, 2020 . This little trick will add some larger fish to your catch.”. “You’ll get bites on heavier line for sure, but the light line and weight does make a difference in bites,” he said. But it’s more of a lesson in object fishing until a pattern is determined then working that pattern.”. “The worm can be cast in and around the logs, stumps and blowdowns on the river — or really any type object that gives a bass a good ambush point,” he said. Then, when the sun lights up that side, he’ll head to the shady size of the river. “At this time of day, I’ll use a Texas rigged plastic worm, usually a 6-inch worm with a 3/16-ounce sinker. This website will give you examples of how exciting bass fishing in Santee South Carolina can be with the right guide to show you around, Inky Davis the bass fishing guide for Santee Cooper Lakes invites you to come and visit him and his family of fisherman for a day of fun on the Santee Cooper … Popular with anglers looking for Bass (Striped) fishing charters in Santee-Cooper South Carolina’s premier inshore fishing awaits you with Bob’s Guide Service Encore. Dennis Landing, just downstream of the US 52 bridge on SC 402, offers access to the upper reaches of the Cooper, including the Tailrace Canal. Ready? All fishing guides listed on our site are US Coast Guard licensed. Walters has spent hundreds of hours learning the nuances of Santee Cooper largemouth and how they use the maze of cypress trees, grass lines, and shallow docks this fishery offers. A trip to either river, or both in the same day, is an option for potentially great September bass fishing. “The mouths of the small creeks are excellent, as are most of the breaks or pockets with a good weed lines. I like white and pink Flukes as well as Tiny Torpedos in a black and silver shad pattern, as well as the old reliable Devils Horse in the white coach dog pattern. The Santee Cooper … Pleasant Hill Landing on FS 204 F, midway between US 17 and SC 41, downstream from Jamestown, offers good access to the Santee. In addition to soft plastics, swimbaits and crankbaits will produce in shallow water. On Santee, 99% of the field fished Lake Marion, only about three fished Moultrie and about 50% of the water wasn’t touched. FISHING INFO/GUIDES — Joe Dennis, Bonneau, 843-245-3762; Angler’s Sporting Goods, Moncks Corner, 843-761-1171, Areas that generally hold bass are where the creek channels intersect with the canal and around the bridge in the center of the canal. 2nd Place went to Don Pendavis & Bobby Gibbs with another great bag weighing in at 25.21 lbs! Caught some on Spro Frogs and some on spinnerbaits, Fun day on the lake! Baits that should produce in the canal would be a walking type topwater early and a heavy white bucktail jig later in the day. BEST TECHNIQUES — Fish topwater baits early in the morning for schooling bass on both rivers.

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